Ghost is a traveling showcase festival giving young and talented people the chance to show a broader public what they are capable of in terms of music, performance and art.

We aim for the organization of at least 4 events a year, each festival to be hosted at a unique location in Belgium and abroad. This can be a cultural centre, museum, an outdoor location, music venue, a pop-up, art gallery… anywhere actually. During each edition, we also try to work with as many local talents as possible.

The audience/participants take(s) a walk through the specific location, discovering a range of audio-visual arts, music, dance and other performances. Every artist, apart from the audio-visual installations, performs for only about 10 to 15 minutes. This way, the participants get a huge range of audio-visual impulses in only two to three hours’ time. It’s an incomparable experience.


With Ghost, we want to give talented people the stage and the support they need to reach a broader audience. We offer these talents a platform where they can meet people who can help with releasing music, setting up web shops, communicating and promoting their gigs…

We also try to encourage the audience to get to know these artists, their works and get inspired by them. We want Ghost to be a unique meeting space where new linkage and collaborations are being shaped. Over the years we were able to meet so many new artists and enthusiasts who all became somehow part of the Ghost family; as performers, as organizers, technicians, …

We also believe the Ghost idea is universal and can be translated over a large period of time and space. We would be thrilled to see how this concept travels around the world, and maybe inviting local talents everywhere.