GHOST is an underground one-day festival that preferably pops up at surprising locations in Belgium and abroad. It’s a nomadic experience which literally and figuratively takes you to the most unexpected corners of the artistic spectrum. It’s a carousel or a walk along various forms of art: music, performance, photography, poetry, mappings and fine arts.

In the footsteps of our guide, the audience follows a course that leads them through the guest-location. This can be an arts center but also a church, old post office or a forest. We avoid the conventional stage arrangements and are happy to turn the roles around.

The program is punchy: every GHOST, we have about 10 artists and 15 musical mini-live acts or performance spread throughout the evening. Each performance lasts for only 15 minutes. Unlike a showcase festival, every act is programmed one after the other, nothing overlays. This way, we lower the possible barrier for the audience to discover new artists. At the same time it reinforces our idea of an immersive experience: every performance or artwork is part of a bigger picture: GHOST is one big experience, one big spectacle.

We aim for the organization of 2 to 4 events a year, each festival to be hosted at a unique location in Belgium and abroad. This can be a cultural centre, museum, an outdoor location, music venue, a pop-up, art gallery… anywhere actually. During each edition, we also try to work with as many local talents as possible.

We want Ghost to be a unique meeting space where new linkage and collaborations are being shaped. Over the years we were able to meet so many new artists and enthusiasts who all became somehow part of the Ghost family; as performers, as organizers, technicians, …


Francois De Meyer

Curator art & artistic manager

Francois De Meyer’s first steps into the world of electronic music started in the early 2000s, making music for The Glimmers and joining the band Diskodrunkards. Later, he joined forces with DJ Thang, launching Villa. In 2012, Francois went darker and heavier, writing songs and making music for Raveyards, the band he started together with his buddy Stefan Bracke (The Subs): industrial slow grooves with a strong live reputation. Raveyards formed the basis for the establishment of the artistic festival GHOST. With Soapstarter, Francois also makes poppy and feel-good summer tunes with which is determined to conquer all summer festivals. 

Stefan Bracke

Artistic manager & technical lead

Stefan Bracke took his first steps in the music world with the band Foxylane and then toured (the world) with The Subs. Together with Olivier Tjon he organized the parties PopLife and GoodLife in Vooruit and later together with DJ Thang there was ‘1988’, the techno concept in Kompass Klub. With Francois De Meyer he started Raveyards and runs Audiotheque, a music and sound studio in Ghent. Today he likes to delve into new applications such as VR and ambisonics.

To recover from the busy city life, he likes to escape with his family at weekends to Mesnil-Eglise where he can completely relax in nature. There he is also part of the board of ‘Art Mesnil‘ an artistic festival hosted the picturesque Walloon village. 

Louise-Marie Kerkhove

Production manager

Louise-Marie aka Loumie is the glue between all artisctic and productional challenges. She makes sure that everything sticks together and runs smoothly.

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