GHOST Alien Edition

In 2019 we celebrate the 40th (!) Birthday of ‘Alien’, the iconic scifi classic from director Ridley Scott. The film, with the monster of H.R. Giger that since then became legendary, was given an unforgettable victory in Vooruit on Saturday 12 October. As part of VIDEODROOM, GHOST and Vooruit again worked together on a unique parcours, in which classic scenes from the film – chestburst! – again scared the sh*t out of all of us.

During this “Alien” edition, several artists made their own interpretation of the movie’s key scenes.

Miaux is the operating handle of Sarajevo born Belgian Mia Prce. Miaux is a mistress of elaborate keyboard shenanigans of a very soundtrackly nature. So what better artist than her to give a new sound to the opening credits in the Theatre Hall of Vooruit.

After that, sax player Mattias De Craene triggered the taking-off of our Nostromo ship, leading the audience towards the Foyer where set dressers Studio Stories copied the breakfast scene from the movie and handed out slime-shots.

Together with the Creatures of the Night by Sofire DM who had special helmets in which all the scrips of the Alien movie were incorporated, we guided the audience towards the Concert Hall.

Upon arrival, a mystic sound scape by sound agency Audiotheque simulated the feeling of really being in space. An announcement of ‘mother’ requesting everyone to walk towards the main stage announced the beginning of Raveyards – dressed in an overall and with headlights tight to their foreheads, it was inevitable to recognize the famous egg scene.

An intense and repeating beep-sound started and a stretcher was carried into the concert hall. On the stretcher was a man with the infamous face-hugger on his head. Reinhard Vanbergen, Charlotte Caluwaerts and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe gave a special interpretation of this face-hugger scene together with two intense and experimental waltzing dancers Emilie De Vlam and Clay Vervaene. The fairy-tale music rapidly turned into an explosive encounter between two singers, a violin and a dancing couple.

If you are an Alien-fan, you know that the following scene is the Chest-Burst. And who is a better artist than percussionist NAH to play this one? Performing live with little more than a drum kit, various samplers and cutting edge drum sensor technology he channels a frenetic energy that teeters on the edge of violent hostility and playful chaos.

So now the Alien bursted out of the chest it’s time to chase and search for it. Softcore performance and Gesamtpunk artist DOLLY BING BING often describes herself as a ‘glamorous alien popstar’. So this was a role written on her body-painted body.

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