GHOST Citadelpark

On Friday evening 3rd of May, the Citadelpark in Ghent will be the stage for the conceptual total spectacle GHOST.

Together with Monterey, GHOST invites you for a nomadic music, dance, performance, party and poetry experience.

Different acts each have 15 minutes to amaze the audience with their creative abilities. This while the presenter guides the audience through forgotten corners of the Citadel Park.

MUSIC by MATTIASDECRAENE, Uma Chine, Dolly Bing Bing, One Man Party, Brik Tu-Tok, Pieter-Paul Devos, Raveyards,┬áThe PoleCats ft. Siegfried Burroughs & GHOST DJ’s.

ART: Expo SCREEN IT (Pieter-Jan Valgaeren), Boys Bring Brooms To The Yard! , Expo S.M.A.K. with Marcel Broodthaers and a Graffiti installation inspired by Raoul Dekeyser.

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Special thanks to Monterey, Vooruit, S.M.A.K. & Amplo.