de geest van gaston

GHOST is back! Together with director Tom Ternest and video artist Thelooca, we are organizing an interactive and participative parcours on the occasion of 10 years De Grote Post Oostende.

During ‘De Geest van Gaston’ you walk alone, in pairs (or with a maximum of 5 people) through this masterpiece by architect Gaston Eysselinck. We challenge you to push your limits and participate actively.

GHOST takes you on a journey through the history of this former telephone and postal building. It takes you along corridors and corners that you – as a visitor  – didn’t know existed.

The building is literally brought to life through soundscapes, video projections, pre-recorded performances and mini-live interventions. We build bridges between participants and artists, and let you think about the limits of (your) privacy.

These small and large stories are masterfully interpreted by about 60 enthusiastic people from Ostend and under the direction of Tom Ternest. A mix of well-known and lesser-known faces set the tone and guide the visitor from start to finish. You will not feel lonely during this trail.

As a visitor you also play a role and you get the chance to be part of our Gesamtkunstwerk. In exchange for the entrance ticket, you even become the digital owner of that work via an NFT or Non-Fungible Token.

De Geest van Gaston winks at the past, sets the visitor’s feet firmly in the present and takes a (digital) look at the future. Be sure that you’ll meet yourself during this trip.

A tip: look carefully at our poster. The details already give a little bit of what to expect…

From 16 until 30 december 2022
De Grote Post Oostende
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Concept by GHOST & Tom Ternest
Directed by Stefan Bracke & Tom Ternest
Production (GHOST) Louise-Marie Kerkhove
Production (DGP) Marie Lamon
Arwork by Stedho
DOP Maximiliaan Dierickx
Made possible by De Grote Post and their amazing team
Special thanks to
Liv Laveyne
Francois De Meyer