GHOST @ deSingel

September 14the we had the honor to host a GHOST deSingel in Antwerp. It goes without saying that we’re SUPER excited to have been able to play at this amazing location and we got to work together with their wonderful crew!

It was a truly amazing edition! See for yourself with the pictures below. All photos are shot by Eva Vlonk.

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A strange fascination for all things dark binds veteran dj Thang, party don Tjon and musical brain Francois De Meyer. Inspired by the left field scene and with a luid-vuil-traag undertone, you can describe TTN as dirty, dark and sexy: it tingles your ears and makes you wanna dance in a crowded underground club. The EP ‘Two Things’ is filled with dirty downbeat tracks along with a touch of disco.


Band around singer/actor Charlotte Vandermeersch, Eric Engels and Kris Delacourt. A maze of synths, beats, measured string and measured drums.

Whale* at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


The art of transmuting sound and apocalyptic beats brought to you by the pupil of the prophecy. Or just really dark and heavy music.

Jiheavy at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


With this new project, Brent Vanneste (Raveyards, Steak Number Eight, Nymphonic Orchestra, Psygasus) will be firing the audience some of his very own rancid techno-tracks.

BRENNT at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Imagine the music of this young Antwerp-based producer as what would happen when you put Slipknot, Kanye West and Lunice in the same studio. Labelling his own beats as ‘ragecore’, his beats – mostly including brutal basslines and screaming rappers – are not for the faint-hearted.

RARE AKUMA at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Their songs have echoes of all sorts of music and non-music, from the industrial buzzsaw sounds of distorted drum-machines to the sounds of sonar and the twangy guitars of an obscure B-movie soundtrack from the 70’s.

Raveyards at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Dolly Bing Bing wants to be your cybersexual fantasy. She pushes at the limits of human life into a hybrid, enhanced, angelic and heavenly beyond. With glistening, supernatural physique and painted face, she is a singing sculpture in a dark theatre of softcore performance art. Alongside musical partner Alien Observer, Dolly weaves a trippy soundtrack to a metaphysical, transcendent future.

DOLLY BING BING ft. Alien Observer at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


With a dark energetic sounds that sounds like the product of a honeymoon of 80’s indie and 90’s pop, this powertrio makes something that is hard to pin down to one scene or genre.

Previously described as “a three-piece of real substance and scope”, they swear by thunderous guitars, machine gun snare sound and powerful harmonies.

High Hi at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk



Collaboration between the creative masterminds Reinhard Vanbergen, known from ‘Das Pop’ and Mo Disko, from the famous disco duo ‘The Glimmers’. Their tracks are a mix of psychedelic funk, disco-rock injected with wild electronics. Together with the sultry voice of Charlotte Caluwaerts, this trio announces a new musical journey. Live they are joined by Stéphane Misseghers (dEUS, Disko Drunkards) on drums and Bruno Coussée (MannGold) on bass.

Rheinzand at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Simon Segers rarely does anything other than playing the drums. He beats his way through time and space, effortlessly filling every corner of deSingel.

Simon Segers at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Future Old People Are Wizards, sometimes also shortened to FOPAW, is a band from Gent with Stijn Vanmarsenille (Elefant, Drums Are For Parades, Maya’s Moving Castle and Waldorf) on guitar and vocals. Nele De Gussem (Maya’s Moving Castle,…) takes on the bass, but instead of going for the classic bass guitar, the bass sounds are created by some brutal synths. Responsibility for the drum lines lies with Sylvester Vanborm (Wallace Vanborn).

Future Old People Are Wizards at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


When instrumental quartet Codasync went on hiatus after releasing its fifth album ‘Pan Aroya’, guitarist Bram Van Houtte and drummer Matthias Meersmans focussed on their new band Grovgast. Inspired by the textures of live electronic music, the duo updated their approach by writing more stripped down and groovy material, resulting in varied yet concise songs, with a sharpened focus on melody and atmosphere.

Grovgast at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Solo project of the Antwerp-born Han Swolfs whose past as a jazz pianist continues to shine through his heavy electronica.

HANTRAX at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


KYEM at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Explosive energy with thoughtful melodiousness that’s deeper than just punk hip-hop.

NAH at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Leroy Brothers

The brothers Gregory, Gilles and Nicolas Leroy are visual artists who make art about the influence of social media and artificial intelligence in contemporary society.

Hanse Cora

Hanse Cora is a photographer and co-founder of the Inject Love project, which uses street-art to evoke critical dialogue and inject more love into everyday life.

HANSE CORA at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk

Annea Lyvv Dreisz,

Annea Lyvv Dreisz, (1977) makes paintings, videos, performances, sounds and writes in between. All of these disciplines communicate with each other to the point that almost no work can exist without the other. In her performances Annea works with alter egos to explore the borders of identity and reality.

Annea Lyvv Dreisz at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Thelooca is Thomas Delbeke playing with video, mapping and masking to avoid 16:9 screens. Mixing visuals with music, buildings, poetry and more. Forcing the spectator to look twice.

Thelooca at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk

Niels Vaes

The work of Niels Vaes approaches a variety of symbolic, historical and psychological themes. It consists mainly of sculptural interventions, experimental paintings and graphic research. Usually, he combines these things with thoughtful, multimedia and space-filling installations in both public and private areas.

Sarah Reynders

Sarah Reynders studied jewellery design but her work magically touches the void of contemporary art.  She mixes her knowledges of design with here background of taxidermy, working with casts of death animals. Her work is as striking as wonderful, tactile and esthetic with a straight and strong vision on reality.

Sarah Reynders at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk

Ulrike Biets

Ulrike Biets is one oldschool image trooper and freak ! Dropping all standards of contemporary photography she focusses on the raw image and the relationship with her subject of object. Shooting for fashion magazines or VICE her works will burn on your retina

Ulrike Biets at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk

Ezra Veldhuis

The work of Ezra Veldhuis is on the cutting edge between painting and installation art. Her work plays with the link between light and space. After all, space and light make each other tangible.


Performance duo TTBWRS (TT – Valentine Galeyn & BWRS – Rien Bauwens) experiments with the concepts of time and space within specific cultural and experiential contexts. In ’THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GREAT’ they explore the re-composition of an existing performance / installation.

TTBWRS at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk

Mon Colonel & Spit

Mon Colonel (Eric Bassleer, 1974), and Spit (Thomas Stiernon, 1977) live in Liège. Through their drawings, sculptures, ceramics and other objects, the artistic duo keeps a 40-year long chronological inventory of memories and influences from all along their artistic career.

Mon Colonel & Spit at GHOST x deSingel – Photo Eva Vlonk


Artwork Stedho