Strop Festival

On September 8, we’re hosting a stage at the first edition of STROP Festival at Blaarmeersen, Gent.

Tickets & info: 

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the latest project of virtuous Gentian musician and producerFrancois De Meyer (Raveyards, Soapstarter, Disko Drunkards) and the super talented Tim De Gieter (Fär)

Lee Anderson

The alter ego of Leander van het Groenewoud. Together with three other musicians he brings rough-hewn folk melodies matched to rough blues-driven emotion.


The art of transmuting sound and apocalyptic beats brought to you by the pupil of the prophecy.


Solo project of the Antwerp-born Han Swolfs whose past as a jazz pianist continues to shine through his heavy electronica.


Their songs have echoes of all sorts of music and non-music, from the industrial buzzsaw sounds of distorted drum-machines to the sounds of sonar and the twangy guitars of an obscure B-movie soundtrack from the 70’s.


To close down the night, our very own GHOST DJs (Francois De Meyer and Stefan Bracke) will play a selection of their favourite music.